Filled with fun

Thank you for your interest in our Filled with Fun packs

Unfortunately we are unable to send these packs out at this time, however a downloadable version is available.

Art Detectives answers

Inside your activity pack you'll find an Art Detectives activity sheet. Take the kids on the special sculpture trail and help them figure out the clues. If they think they've got it, check their answers with the answers below:

  • Clue 1 - Daisy - The Glade sculpture
  • Clue 2 - Bittern - The Wildlife Benches
  • Clue 3 - Giant Rocks - Play Boulders sculpture
  • Clue 4 - Sign post - Viking Sign Post
  • Clue 5 - Rock sculpture
  • Clue 6 - Beatle - Stag Beatle sculpture
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