Affiliation application form

Clubs Affiliation Application Form

Clubs and groups who work with their own volunteers on land or at facilities owned by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) are invited to apply to become affiliated to the LVRPA.
Such a link offers a range of potential benefits including:

  • support for external funding bids by demonstrating a robust and coordinated approach to volunteering
  • access to professional advice and support from the LVRPA Volunteers manager
  •  input to the Lee Valley Park Volunteers Newsletter (including submission of articles and publicity for your events)
  • eligibility for volunteers from your organisation to be nominated for one of the LVRPA Volunteer Awards

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* Required information

The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority reserves the right to refuse or revoke affiliation to this scheme where clubs or organisations in the opinion of the Volunteer Manager have acted unsafely/inappropriately or against the aims and objectives of the LVRPA.

Data Protection Act 1998 – Privacy Policy
By adding your details to this form you are giving consent for the Lee Valley Regional Park to process your personal information in accordance with current data protection legislation. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 your personal details will be processed fairly and lawfully and will not be passed on to any third parties. Should you at any time wish to be removed from the Volunteers Database please contact us and we will remove your details.


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